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Learn more about the history from the Conde de Irazu to the Appenzellos

History of the "Appenzellos"

I worked in Geneva for about seven years in the late 80s and early 90s.

For the first three of them, I walked past the Davidoff store every morning, and on the weekends or in the evenings, I often watched the people disappearing into it. As an Appenzeller, the cigar world was completely new to me. Krumme and Rösslistumpen, as they smoked the farmers with us, I looked in vain. However, I was lucky enough to be able to sink into this world from time to time through various colleagues from Appenzell and the rest of German-speaking Switzerland. Mostly after a sumptuous lunch or tasty dinner, one then ordered tobacco from Cuba and puffed this with relish for hours.

The tents in western Switzerland were then broken down and I came back to Appenzell in 1995. What remained was the cigar virus. In the meantime I tried some other tobaccos and also smoked a pipe for a while.

What bothered me more and more was the hectic pace of everyday life and the world of work. Every man or woman told me again and again, no I do not smoke a cigar that goes too long for me. From this then matured the idea in my Appenzeller "Chöpfli" that something must come on the market to meet this need.

The Appenzellers - known as a small people, but who do not need to hide - provided the name.

Appenzellos Shop

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The idea behind it was to create a cigar that you smoked within 25-30 min, has no quality defects and is easy to smoke for anyone or everyone. (Length and diameter are still the same today). The search for a producer proved to be more difficult, as the Robusto Immenso format was not yet known on the market. From the first meeting with the producer to the first delivery took no less than two years. Since 2016, we now also carry the large Appenzellos called "gemütlich", since older people have more time to enjoy 😉.

The cigars are produced in Costa Rica with tobacco from the Dominican Republic under the name "CONDE DE IRAZU". The exact descriptions and formats can be found on the website www.appenzellos.ch or www.irazu.ch. The sale takes place exclusively via the Internet and some select cigar stores. Likewise, local hotels are good buyers and support us since the beginning.

I wish everyone some cozy, smoking hours and look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Sepp Rusch